Weight loss- why it is crucial for your health

There is a wide variety of reasons why you should consider losing some of the excessive body weight that you have. Even though the process of losing excessive bodyweight is a challenging undertaking, the benefits are usually worth the effort in the long run. The extra weight you are carrying or the extra pounds that you have are not only unwanted, but they are also unhealthy.

It is a true argument that there are numerous physical and health problems that come with one having excessive weight or simply being obese. Medical practitioners have said that an estimated 300, 000 individual die prematurely because of weight-related complications. They further argue that even the slightest gain in weight for an individual, for instance, putting on 10 to 20 more pounds than your normal weight can increase the risk of that individual experiencing premature death.

Health benefits that come with shading off the excessive weight

Prevents heart diseases

heart shapeAs medical practitioners will tell you, all heart complications ranging from the most common heart attack, the congestive heart failure, and the sudden cardiac death are directly caused by an individual being overweight and are most likely to occur in obese people. Additionally such like people will also experience angina and an abnormal heart rhythm.

When one is overweight, research has shown that an obese adult is two times more likely to suffer from high blood pressure as opposed to those individuals who have maintained a healthy body weight. When you are obese the likelihood of you having high cholesterol levels in your blood is very high. So in order to prevent all these, it is only good that you get into a weight losing program so that you attain the required healthy body weight.

Prevents diabetes

Research has it that more than 80% of those individuals who are suffering from diabetes are either obese or overweight. The slightest increase in one’s body weight, to a higher percentage increases the risk of an individual suffering from type 2 diabetes. So for you to be on the safe side, if you have gained a lot of weight, the best thing that you can do is loose the extra weight so that you attain the level that is required.

Reduces the risk of cancer

When one has put on a lot of weight that their body systems cannot support, there is a high risk of them suffering from either colon, prostate, gallbladder or kidney cancer. More especially when it comes to the female gender, a lady who is 18 years to midlife and has that abnormal weight increases the chances of them suffering from postmenopausal breast cancer as compared to those who have the required and stable body weight.

Reduces the chances of breathing complications

stethoscope Breathing problems are usually experienced by those individuals who are overweight. When you are overweight, you will start experiencing complications like sleep apnea, and you are more likely to be attacked by asthma on a more frequent basis. This can only be prevented by weight loss, so you attain the required one.

As we have seen above, weight loss is essential as it will help you avoid all the health problems that we have seen above.