The Heart – The Core Of Health

Being healthy does not only require a proper nutrition and food, but also maintaining the internal organs, where the most important one is the heart. There several things you should know about keeping your heart in good shape in order to improve your overall health.

The Heart

Your heart is the strongest muscle in the body, and it is the only organ that is working without our control. It never stops beating, even when we sleep, and it makes over 100 thousand beats every day.

It has a crucial task because it allows blood to be pumped throughout the body, through a network of veins, arteries and blood vessels, which is so long that you can surround the Earth twice with it. So, nutrition of it to keep it healthy is the most important thing, before everything else. Your heart gives life, and it is very important to take care of its health and keep it safe and strong.

Avoid sweetened drinks

Many people die yearly by consequences of long-term consuming of sweetened carbonated drinks, and the leading cause of death is a heart attack.

People who use to drink lots of such drinks often have the overweight problem, and they also get diabetes and various heart issues too. So, avoid those drinks, and if you used to do it often, try to replace it with non-sugar tea or lemonade. At least try to reduce the amounts of it, before you get to the point of complete stopping with intake of it.

Eat proper food

proper foodAlmost every problem that can happen with your heart can be prevented or minimized by good nutrition. As we said, overstatement with some unhealthy groceries is like a ticket to heart problems. But, almost everything you can buy at the green market can be called balms for your body. Fruits are enriched with vitamins, minerals, fibers and special nutrients characteristic for plants, and all of that is good for your heart.

Vegetables for your heart

All greenish vegetables are good for your heart; they are enriched with nitrates that absorb in your stomach into nitrous oxide which helps arteries to handle contractions, so it decreases the possibility of stroke and heart attack. Groceries enriched with nitrogen lower the blood pressure, and the good thing is that it last all over the day.


Popeye the sailor eat spinach, you should too! That is something that you have heard at least once in your life, and there is a lot more reasons to eat spinach than to be strong as Popeye. It has lots of beta carotene and vitamin C and E which binds free radicals which are very good in preventing atherosclerosis. The best way of intake is in a salad, 100g daily.



We are sure that you don’t know how much this veggie is good for your heart. There are some ingredients of it that, bioflavonoids and fibers, that successfully lower the level of cholesterol, the main offender for many heart attacks. It is advised to intake it twice a week.

Fruits for heart

Beside vegetables, there are also many fruits that help your heart to remain healthy. It is familiar that every red fruit helps your heart, and no matter how silly it sounds, it is not so far away from the truth.


Also known as red gold, raspberries contain a lot of vitamin C, it cleans blood vessels and protects it from atherosclerosis. It contains a lot of other antioxidants that fights free radicals and also salicylic acid which stops development of blood clots.


Grape protects you from atherosclerosis; it contains plant fibers that help blood vessels to work properly, and it reduces the cholesterol level also. Interesting thing is that wine, as the product of grapes, is also good support for proper heart functioning, but only in small amounts, because of alcohol.