Health Risks of Laser Hair Removal

Some people who undergo Laser Hair Removal may notice some adverse effects due to the procedure. All these are usually localized to the area of treatment, such as redness and inflammation of the skin. Other health risks, such as eye injury, cause contraindication of laser hair removal in certain areas of the body. A temporary shift in the look of the skin could be expected for patients. In the long run, it is vital to consider the health risks of this procedure for each and every person to make the best treatment option.


Laser hair removal is not 100% effective in providing permanent hair removal for all individuals. Thinning hair in some areas of the body may be resistant to the laser treatment or may regrow after treatment. Although hair regrowth is usually milder or more expensive than before treatment, many people need ongoing treatment to maintain results. People with hair follicles that are softer than skin pigment are not likely to have successful treatment.


With new technologies, the success rate is advancing, but there is still a greater chance of complications in patients with darker skin types.

Skin Changes

After laser hair removal, you can expect some skin discomfort in the treated area. Typically, this can be diminished within a day of treatment. Other effects on the skin may include burns, bleeding, scarring, numbness, blisters, and pain. Laser hair removal may affect the pigmentation of the skin in the affected area, and the skin may become darker or lighter. This is more likely to affect individuals who have darker skin, particularly when an unsuitable type of laser is used during treatment. It is usually a temporary effect, so it will not have a permanent impact if the treatment is stopped.

Area Specific Risks

eyeLaser hair removal is not recommended in some parts of the body due to adverse effects and risks that may result. For example, the procedure is not usually recommended around the eyes due to possible eye injury that may occur if the procedure is not carried out properly. If you decide to have laser hair removal therapy, then it is important to consider the specific benefits and risks to the individual.


The most important benefit of laser hair removal is the elimination and reduction of hair growth in the desired area of the body. And it is preferable that laser hair removal be performed by an experienced dermatologist.