Get Rid Of Depression

Depression is a problem that can affect your life up to the level that you totally become “an alien” in the world around you. The medical world has been presenting us with tons of drugs that help in the treatment of depression, but there is one that shows positive results every time it’s used as a treatment – exercise.

Which factors cause depression?

There are many factors that can cause the development of depression. Recently, the scientists have focused on our body and on a particular compound that our liver produces called kynurenic. They have connected this compound directly with the level of stress, inflammation of brain cells and depression.

With the help of exercises, our muscles increase the level of a protein called PGC-1alpha1, which brings to increased concentration of a particular type of enzyme which turns kynurenine to kynurenic acid. The difference between these two compounds is that kynurenic acid cannot pass the blood-brain barrier and with that cannot make a contact with brain cells and create a mess there.

Fight the depression with exercise

Depression is a very serious illness and it is estimated that 1/3 of world’s populations suffers from some depression. Most people don’t know they have problems with depression until the condition becomes so serious that they can endanger their health and life of their closest one.

Depression and exercise should be combined

We all know the positive benefits of workouts, however, we should take into consideration the mental state of the person. When you do a proper workout, and you feel satisfaction and a mild sense of tiredness, you will know that you did something good.

The workout can greatly help you fight the depression

Experts for mental condition state that even small repeated stress can cause depression, as well as other mental disorders. But with the help of the exercises, people become resistant to depression. Even though the medications can be extremely helpful, but if you are at the initial stage of depression, you should try to fight it with exercises.

Walk, dance, ride a bike…

Take at least 15 – 30 minutes for the light walk, enroll in dancing classes, ride a bike, or do yoga. Whatever feels the most suited and comfortable. Depressive persons won’t feel the benefits right away, but once they create a habit, they will notice a significant difference in their behavior.

Practice yoga

As an addition to your physical activity, you can start to practice yoga; certain poses can free you of the depressive feelings. The second aspect of yoga, breathing exercises and meditation, can help you find your inner peace and make you feel better.

Support by your friends

Find the support in your friends and family and the hug of loved person can be a great way to boost up your mood and confidence. Work with them, tell them your problems, ask them to support you on your way to recovery. Every exercise will be much more bearable when you are in the company of your loved ones.

Release your negative energy

If you feel some pressure piling up, don’t neglect it, find a way to throw everything out from your body. Don’t suffer in silence; it’s important to get rid of negative energy, and you can do that through exercises. Use running and or a gym in your advance and you will feel much better and satisfied.