Vasogenics is the sole provider of Enhanced External Counterpulsation treatment (©) in the United Kingdom. Unlike procedures such as bypass surgery and balloon angioplasty, EECP® is entirely non-invasive (involves no surgery, drugs or needles), carries little or no risk, is relatively comfortable and is administered in an outpatient clinic.

Patients receive the treatment in a relaxed, professional and friendly hospital environment, surrounded by highly trained and experienced staff nurses and cardiologists. Each patient has a dedicated therapist experienced in cardiac care who delivers the treatment and who will be able to discuss any problems or anxieties you or your family may have. All our team are fully trained and prepared to handle any medical emergency that may occur. If you want to handle projects efficiently, learn how you can do that by visiting

Clinical Studies have shown:

  • An 80% success rate with patients experiencing significant improvement or complete end to their symptoms of heart disease.
  • Reduced if not eliminated dependency on anti-anginal medicines
  • Improved exercise tolerance and overall quality of life
  • These benefits have been experiences by some patients for up to five years following undergoing the full course of treatment.

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